"We decided to work with a doula with my first pregnancy because we lived far away from family and had no experience with child birth. I met with Tiffanie and felt instantly at ease. We sat and talked about different birthing books and she loaned me a few. She got to know me and what kind of experience we wanted with childbirth. Tiffanie prepared us so well. We talked about all different medication routes and what would happen if we had a caesarean. 

During my labor, which was 33 hours, she was a rock for my husband and me. She consistently advocated for us. I don't think we could've done it without her. 

I did end up having to have a caesarean. Ultimately I couldn't fully dilate because of baby's position or the bag of waters not being fully released. But Tiffanie worked with me to try everything possible before we got to that point. It made me feel comfortable going into the c-section, that we had tried everything. 

During postpartum care, Tiffanie helped with positioning for breastfeeding which was difficult with healing. But ultimately she helped me set the foundation of breastfeeding to successfully feed my baby for 13 months. Without her support in the beginning, we may not have had such a smooth relationship.

Ultimately we are so thankful Tiffanie was a part of our team for Henry's birth. She was a coach, advocate, teacher and just a great supporter. I only wish we had used her placenta encapsulation services too!" - J.H. 

"Tiffanie's support was invaluable to me during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She was always available to discuss any questions I had during pregnancy. She has an immense amount of pregnancy and birth knowledge and experience on which I felt confident to count on. More than that, she also has a deeper understanding of pregnancy and birth as a spiritual and emotional journey for the expectant Mother and family. She prioritized building my trust in my body to do the work it needed to.

During labor, Tiffanie was a calm source of support, practically- rising wash cloths for cold compresses, suggesting I change positions- and emotionally- reminding me I could ask the medical staff for a minute alone to process my options and the information given.

Tiffanie has a sincerity and passion for enabling mothers and couples to have the best pregnancy, labor and birth possible- connected, wholehearted, and peaceful. She would be a irreplaceable resource for any expectant mother or couple looking for doula services.."  - M.D. 

"Tiffanie was wonderful! We had a home birth and she promptly came and picked up my placenta from our house, processed it, and brought it back the next day. She was so happy during our short little visits it helped energize the whole room. The pills came in a nice little jar with a descriptive label on it, the umbilical cord was dried in a little white bag (both of which you can see in her pictures). I recommend placenta encapsulation to everyone the are the best little things ever!"- J.P.

"Several years ago, while working with a doula client of mine, was when I originally heard about placenta encapsulation. Everything about it just made so much sense to me. When I became pregnant, I knew this was something I wanted. My amazing midwife, Janet Schwab, referred Tiffanie to us. We spoke (and emailed) prior to my delivery. Once in labor my husband called to let her know the process had started - she came by a few hours after the delivery. She was very sweet and caring. We used to live in Kauai several years ago....and when Tiffanie came to our home (we had a home birth), she was filled with so much aloha ♡ It was such a safe and nurturing feeling to have her enter our space. She lovingly took my placenta to begin its encapsulation process. She documented the encapsulation with pictures of the entire process. Then she called to set up a return meeting. Once they were delivered, I immediately took two of the pills. Tiffanie spent some time here answering questions and supplying her nurturing energy. My milk supply came in strong within 24 hours of taking the pills.  Tiffanie is so warm and thoughtful. I am grateful she was referred to us and I would most definitely use her services again in the future - and I have referred her to other pregnant mama's that I know." - L.P.

"Tiffanie was my doula when I was pregnant with my daughter and she was completely amazing. She’s thoughtful, patient, kind, and genuinely cares about you and your wishes. She helped me through labor and still continues to give me knowledge and advice whenever I ask. This mama (to six of her own!) is definitely someone you want on your team. Her knowledge is truly invaluable."-M.K.

"I would 100% recommend Honoring Birth Services to others. Tiffanie was incredibly supportive from the moment we had our first meeting and helped me feel more prepared each step of the way. Her knowledge and advice leading up to the birth helped me feel more confident and ready. And her presence on the delivery day was a huge part of why the day was able to go as it did. She helped keep us calm, she reassured me and she supported my husband as well. She had clearly taken incredible care in listening to every word we had said as she came with every possible element to create the most ideal birthing environment for us even in a sterile hospital room. From the electric votive candles, to the diffusser with my favorite oils, to the soft music she put on, she seemed to have every detail accounted for and both my husband and I felt so much more comfortable because of it. I truly cannot imagine that day without her there." - E.R.

"I absolutely recommend Tiffanie! We've worked with her from TTC through two pregnancies. Professionally, she has a host of resources to offer clients for comfort, health, and advocacy during pregnancy. She would regularly check in with suggestions for minimizing discomfort or promoting healthy development--encouraging me with natural ways to both reduce my high blood pressure and to induce labor with my second child. Personally, Tiffanie has the insight and heart to support mamas. She has birth-wisdom and genuinely cares for her clients, their pregnancy, and their birth experiences. Throughout both of my pregnancies, her encouragement to take the lead for my health and medical choices not only made a difference in my birth experiences, but also in how I felt about each birth. I can't imagine pregnancy without Tiffanie's thoughtfulness, insight, encouragement, and support." -A.D.

"Tiffanie has the sweetest soul and the most peaceful demeanor, which is exactly what my husband and I were looking for when considering doulas. When you meet her in person, she gives off the vibe and comfort of being someone you have known for years. Tiffanie provided amazing emotional support to us both before, during, and after the labor and birth of our first child. As first-time parents, we were unsure if we NEEDED a doula or not, but the calming effect she provided to us was worth the experience alone. We also vastly appreciated her personal experience with labor, birth, and parenthood; she is a mother of six herself. The experienced knowledge that she provided to us was beyond helpful. She was available to us the entire time by phone or email, and she was always prompt to respond. If you are considering a doula for your birth experience, I would absolutely reach out to Tiffanie." - L.W.