Placenta Encapsulation

Honoring Birth Services and Denver Placenta Works continue to serve clients

by offering placenta encapsulation and herbal preparations.


The placenta is a beautiful organ that grows within and nourishes life throughout pregnancy.  After the baby is born, the placenta detaches from the uterine wall and is birthed.  When the baby and the placenta are both born, the mother's body is drained of hormones and nutrients.  It is important to help a birthing person’s body rebalance and replenish after the birth of her baby to make a smooth transition for the entire family.  

The placenta contains a multitude of healing properties and hormones, such as:


The process of encapsulation begins with the placenta being weighed. The placenta prints are then created on watercolor paper. The placenta is thoroughly examined and pictures are taken. Once the placenta has been cleaned and drained the placenta is processed by the client's preferred method of preparation.

After dehydration by client's preferred method, the dehydrated placenta pieces are ground and filled into vegan, size 0 gelatin capsules. he average placenta weighs approximately twenty ounces and makes an average of 120 capsule using the steamed method and approximately 140 using the raw method.  Placentas vary in size and weight and therefore the amount of pills produced from each placenta varies. The placenta pills are stored in a glass jar, labeled with instructions.

Along with the valuable placenta pills, I include a beautiful cord keepsake, a print of your placenta on watercolor paper, and I email photos of the encapsulation process.  There is no mileage fee added to the cost of placenta encapsulation services. It is my pleasure to make this valuable fourth trimester support as easy and hassle-free as possible for clients and their families.  


Essential Placenta Encapsulation Package 

$210, Steamed process

$225, Raw process.

Additional Items Available:

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