Childbirth Education

Honoring Birth Services continues to serve clients by offering birth doula support,

placenta encapsulation services, and childbirth education classes.

Complete Childbirth Preparation Class, $120 for private sessions in your home 


 $100 for live, virtual childbirth education class  scheduled at your convenience

   This can be arranged to fit your schedule in either two, two hour sessions or one four hour session, ideal for new parents or parents that experienced a previous traumatic birth, focusing on:


Comfort Measures and Coping Techniques for Labor and Delivery, $60 for private session in your home


$50 live, virtual comfort measures and coping techniques class scheduled at your convenience

    A two hour class, ideal for parents who have been through birth previously and would like a refresher course, or  new parents that want a crash course, focusing on:

I accept cash, check, debit, credit, or HSA* cards via PayPal.

*Please check with your HSA to make sure childbirth education is covered. 

If you see a class that interests you, please contact me and I can tell you of upcoming classes or we can schedule a private session.

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